Some Tips For Dog Barking Control

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Spay or neuter your dog. This important and routine procedure will reduce your dog's desire to roam and fight with other dogs, making safe confinement an easier task. Spayed or neutered dogs are much less likely to bite.

The biggest concern people have is that they can't do it. As mentioned at the beginning, just about anyone can do EFT. Learning to help others is just another step in the process.

The sit command is very valuable in ensuring that your dog stays put wherever you tell him to, especially in the presence of other people or dogs. This command should be taught in conjunction with the stay command, because having your dog sit will have little effect if he jumps right back up.

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havening Be a responsible dog owner. License your dog as required by law, and provide regular veterinary care, including rabies vaccinations. For everyone's safety, don't allow your dog to roam alone. Make your dog a member of your family. Dogs who spend a great deal of time alone in the backyard or tied on a chain often become dangerous. Dogs who are well socialized and supervised are much less likely to bite.

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