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Human civilization is standing over some revolutionary inventions. Electricity is one of them. Without electricity we cannot think of a day. Without this energy human civilization can’t make any progress. But day by day the demand of electricity is getting so higher that now it is almost impossible to fulfill it. Because the sources we use to produce electricity is decreasing very rapidly. So to solve this problem scientists have invented a new source of electricity. The source is sun light. In this new process sunlight is used as raw material. This new technology is called solar electricity or solar power or solar panel. To know the solar panel we must understand what is solar cell.

A solar cell is an electrical device which used photovoltaic effect to converts the energy of sunlight directly into electricity. So solar panel is a set of solar cells electrically connected and mounted on a supporting structure which can produce and supply electricity. It is not heat but light which is important for solar panel. Actually solar panels efficiency can reduce if it gets hotter. When the solar panel gets sunlight it absorbs the light and converts it into DC electricity. Then the inverter which is connected with the panel converts the DC electricity into 240v AC electricity.


 At present solar energy is very popular. Solar energy is also eco friendly. In market there are many companies who sell commercial solar panels. But not all of them are same in quality. To buy a quality full solar panel with cheap rate is very difficult. I searched in the net and found an Australian company named Gem energy. They are offering quality full solar panels for home with a low cost price. They are introducing a solar bonus scheme in Queensland. The scheme is net metered that means electricity which is consumed in the day will be escorted from the solar panel. The extra electricity which is generated by the panel will be fed down the power lines back to the grid. If you need more electricity than the solar panels are producing then the extra energy will be taken from the grid and this method is fully automated and there is no need of battery storage. Now we should discuss about the quality factor. The Australian Government has established a test center in Alice springs named The Desert Knowledge Australia Initiative. They are testing different types of solar panels from many of the biggest brands of the World. Q Cells is the leading solar panel in these tests from day one. Q Cells is a German manufacturer of solar cells. Their main headquarter is in Bitterfeld-Wolfe, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The company was established in 1999. The main focus of the company is the development, production and marketing of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells. Gem energy is the premium supplier of Q Cells. They build their modules strong enough to come through the worst cyclones. They fine-tune them with their triple yield security for more output after 25 years. They are using G3 module for their solar panels which is proved to be the best at now days. So it can be said that Q cells solar panels is one of the best and leading solar panels for sale. So Q cells can be a better choice for solar energy. I think Gem energy is giving the right product with a reasonable price. They are also offering installments and bonus schemes.
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