SoCal State of Mind

Every day was wonderful weather-wise, and everyone was fun and relaxed, and I can carry the memories to last me through the winter.  And we got good photos, which I have been playing with.
Got a call on Monday from my son who was in Oregon, headed south with furniture in a truck, moving it  to Palm Springs for the same guy he moved the car with.  He sounded fine, and was calling to wish my husband a Happy Birthday.  I suggested we move our whole family down there, and he laughed and said it was a good idea.
Son does sound better on the whole for the last three months or so, and for having no current crises, I am very greatful.
I am headed to the ocean for the weekend to do 5th Step with my buddies this weekend, if I can ever get it together.  I haven't finished the 4th Step material, due to the trip.  Of course, I don't want to do it either, now that i've gotten relaxed; I don't want to rock my emotional boat.  But oh well.....