Soap.Club Review

PR Sample & Affiliate LinkSoap.Clubis a membership website that delivers 100% natural handcrafted soap to your door each month.Soap.Club was createdwith the soap lover in mind. It is asmall, family run business that believes in using top-quality ingredients. They craft soaps in small batches with hand-cutting each bar for freshness on the day of shipment.Soap.Club offers 70+ fragrances with each bar weighing in at 5.3 oz. Orders over $35 ship for free! And, orders of three or more bars, regardless of order total, also ship for free.Soap.ClubMembershipFREE shippingFREEwelcome giftFEATUREDsoap of the monthSAVE up to 20% on purchasesEXCLUSIVE ACCESS to limited edition soapsAS LOW AS $12.95 a monthSoap.ClubShippingNo doubt, Soap.Club is for the soap lover. When you visit the website, you will be overwhelmed by the number of scent options available. I prefer selecting scents in person because it is hard to visualize scentson description alone.After much back and forth, I finally decided on Honeyed Cream Crunch and Vanilla Cookie Dough. My soaps arrivedquickly and included delivery tracking.Honeyed Cream Crunch Overview: This bar of soap combines fresh, creamy - all natural homemade soap recipes - milk, sweet honey - - and calming oatmealtonourish and soothe whilegently exfoliating for smoother skin.Vanilla Cookie Dough Overview: This bar of soap offers a rich, creamy lather, sweet scent and deep moisturizationto make this an everyday treat.Soap.ClubReviewBoth soaps lather really well and makes the skin feel extremely clean. Although my skin felt smooth, it also felt dry. As an example, when running my hands across my skin, my hands were gripping myskin. This type of feeling is very typical when usingsoap. I am aware soaps are surfactants which stripsoils, leaving the skin feeling squeaky clean and possibly dry. However, I was hoping the 100% natural artisan soap would perform differently and be more moisturizing than regular soap.My husbands experience mirrored mine in the areas of lather and fragrance but having hisskin feel squeaky clean was not bothersome for him. Need I remind you he does not use lotion so do factor that. He is perfectly fine allowing the natural oils within his skin do its thing. Meanwhile, I stay slathering on lotion because my skin craves moisture or I will be a dry, itchy, irritated mess.Related Article:Olay Ultra Moisture In-Shower Body Lotion ReviewHere are my thoughts Soap.Club is ideal for someone who is a soap lover and appreciate the natural scent, natural ingredients and clean feel that artisan soaps offer. Soap.Club is not for someone who desiresa strong aromatic shower experience withsilky skin. However, I suppose that is relative and can differ from person to person.Having said that, in reading through Soap.Clubs website and Facebook page, they are a number of positive reviews. Many say the scents are lasting and the moisture isamazing. Either our skin differ greatly or I picked soaps that were not a good fit for my skin. If I could havea do-over opportunity, I would select soaps with stronger fragrance andlastingmoisture. I would also selectsoaps with customer reviews unlike thetwo soaps I selected.Try Before You BuySoap.Club offers a try before you buy program CLICK HERE to learn more.Do you find artisan soaps drying or moisturizing?