So What???

I say SO WHAT !

Issues become much easier to address and far less complicated when the "So What?" principle is applied.
Latest "Drama"

D rang me using her mobile this morning to ask if I had a clean uniform for her to wear to school. I asked her where the uniforms (that I have bought) that she had at her mother's place. Chloe said that all uniforms were in the washing machine and that it could not be opened that they did not have a dryer there. I said that she needed to work out the problem with her mother. Chloe became agitated with me.
I called Ex and asked her what was going on. Ex told me it was all my fault but that she would deal with it.
I received a message from the school later in the day to say that D had not attended school.
Continually I am being used to pick after my  ex she will not take responsibility for herself or organise herself to provide for the kids.

So in this case - So What?

Mother fails to plan to ensure a clean uniform is available for D to wear. So What?

Wearing a school uniform shirt is not mandatory, the school has no issue;
Options include wearing a white shirt or in the event such a shirt is not available any other shirt.
D could have been given a note from her mother explaining the "predicament".

End result, D could have gone to school. No harm to anyone. Maybe D feels somewhat odd that she not dressed the same but - SO WHAT! If anything a lesson for D to take responsibility for herself.