Snow removal reality check |

So what your street hasnt been plowed. Quit your whining. The nations capital has seen four snow storms in the last 10 days, and Wednesdays blizzard put the District over the top for the snowiest season on record (54.9 inches). Despite - Snow Clearing Buffalo - the fact that mother nature has been beating DC like her own red-headed step-child, city residents have been complaining for the better part of a week how some streets havent been plowed. Guess what? You probably wont see any pavement for the better part of another week, so get used to it.Its not because DDOT and the Department of Public Works havent been out plowing streets. Crews have been out working their butts off. True, you may not have seen them on your particular street, but trucks have been steadily plowing the citys major arteries since the storm last weekend. Ive seen them. So have you. Why, even when conditions were so bad the U.S. Postal Service suspended operations, the citys snow-plows were still running. There was indeed a slight break in snow removal operations Wednesday due to the blizzard conditions. Its a good thing, because visibility on the roads was near-zero. The fact is, Wednesday marked the sixth straight day of 12-hour shifts for Department of Public Works crews. Despite this, local elected officials still felt the need to ask people for their patience. After all, it is reelection year for Mayor Adrian Fenty. Perhaps thats why hes been so sensitive to the matter. Fenty continued to hold news conferences Wednesday, albeit hastily planned ones, at several locations throughout the city as the snow and the winds were whipping their hardest. No one ever has seen this much snow in Washington, DC, said Fenty at one such mid-day presser. He was flanked, as usual, by baby-faced DDOT Director Gabe Klein and the much more mature looking Department of Public Works Director William Howland. Both Klein and Howland urged residents to stay calm. Fenty also tried to reassure businesses that the city would work around the clock so they might possibly open by the end of the week. We want to be able to work through the night to get as many businesses up (and running) as possible, said Fenty.Lets also remember that Snogadishu is occurring during one of the worst financial crises the nations capital has ever seen. The District is already way over budget for snow removal operations. The District is way over budget, period, and faces a massive budget shortfall for the next two fiscal years (at least). God only knows where the money will come from to clean up all this mess. Thankfully, DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton announced Wednesday that she would be asking President Obama to declare DC a federal disaster area. That way, federal funds could be used to help in snow removal operations. There were also some media reports about how the District had lost about 25-percent of its snow removal fleet due to mechanical problems. Its not surprising given there have been at least six separate snow events since December. Do you even need to be driving anyway? Youre not working. You may be working from home, but youre not working from the office. Only fools like me who work in news are required to make it in every day. I take that back. Only fools like me who work in news and those other less fortunate souls with demanding, yet underpaying jobs are required to make it in every day. All Im asking is that instead of thinking about how youre going to drive out of your street, think about all the other people who dont have such luxuries. Im talking about all those firefighters, police officers, ambulance drivers, and yes, snow-plow drivers whove been working their butts off since that first major snow storm back in December. Seriously folks. Just try to keep your snow-filled panties on. Ooh! Thats cold. href='' - -