Snapchat says that they have added new counter-measures to phone number matching hack

Snapchat says that they have got additional new counter-measures for you to telephone number matching hackSnapchat says which they have got extra new counter-measures to end up being able to telephone number matching hackTags: SnapchatSnapchat will be getting their ups and downs this year. Snapchat will be growing with a rapid pace, which can be great news. However the business will be dealing having a lawsuit via an ousted co-founder and will be also now dealing with security issues. security researchers discovered a approach to match Snapchat usernames to become able to phone numbers.Snapchat posted an announcement in reaction declaring which they get additional counter-measures. "We not too long ago added extra counter-measures and continue to make improvements in order to combat spam as well as abuse.""Theoretically, if someone were in a new position upload an enormous set of phone numbers, such as every number within an location code, or even every possible range in the U.S., they might produce a database associated with the results and also match usernames in order to phone numbers that will way. More Than the past 12 months we've implemented a variety of safeguards to make it a lot more challenging to do," added Snapchat.Snapchat emphasizes that there is certainly absolutely no easy way to discover someone's phone number according to usernames and vice-versa. The Particular organization also explained in which a opportunity to match names and talk to quantities on a limited schedule can be helpful regarding customers that are attempting to find their pals on the service.[Source: TechCrunch]