SMS Gateway- Send SMS Anywhere And At Any Time

Through the use of an SMS Gateway, anyone can send anywhere and at any time. An SMS gateway is a process of sending various messages through the use of a computer or a cell phone. The messages are usually based on text format or through some codes. Basically the application or tool that is used in sharing the message connects through a mobile service center through the use of a network. The classification of gateways would depend on the media or tool that is used. For a mobile phone, there is the SMS gateway while for computers there is the use of various sites connected to networks.
Usually, the connection between the email sender and the mobile phone has a third party present. The third party or the operator is the one who would send the message from a computer to a mobile phone and vice versa. Today, server computers are considered as the third party that connects both the email and the mobile phone. Some networks also have the SMS Gateway conference feature wherein various cell phones or mobile phones can be connected and a message coming from a computer can be sent to multiple people. Through the use of the conference feature, people can chat and talk all they want without being interrupted.
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