Last monday I was making lunches for my boys and my dtr was eating cereal, she asked for milk so I got it for her, she was mad cuz I didn't pour it for her. I said "I'm not your slave" she said no, you're mommies. WTF, Thats what she thinks of me, a slave.
On saturday I came into work (I said I wasn't cuz monday was a holiday). when she got up she asked my son 'where's daddy?' he said he went to work. she then said I thought he was not going in. he said "daddy lied again".  So my wife called me a half hour after I got there just to ask how long I was working, she said "I thought you wern't going in, but we could use  the OT money" she also told me what my son said to her.  WTF, Thats what he thinks I am. A LIAR