Well, I can't sleep now. It's 6:35. Supposed to be up at 8 tonight.  Went to bed at noon.  About 3 this afternoon the cable guys called to see if I was home.  Said they'd knocked on the door and nobody answered.  Well, Foxy had been barking at the door and I figured it was the mailman as usual.  Got her back in bed and scolded her right before the cable guys called.  Made me feel bad that I'd scolded her.  She was protecting our house.  Got up and let them in.  Foxy went in the bedroom while they were here.  Apologized to the cable guys, then apologized to Foxy.  Looked at the mailbox and we both had been right.  Mailman had come and the cable guys were waiting outside.  Foxy got a couple of Pupperonis for my scolding her.  They finished up about 5:30 and I spent the next 30 minutes checking the cable set up.  I, now have digital cable, phone and internet.  Went back to bed at 6 but couldn't sleep.  So, I'm listening to classic country music on the TV, and as you can see, I'm on the internet.  Wow, is it fast!  Guess I'll spend the next couple of days getting back into Foxy's good graces.  She's here with me now.  Can't beat a dog's love can you?  Maybe I'll surprise her with a can of food.  She loves them.  She gets one a week and it's a treat for her.  Guess, I'll do that now and talk to yall later.