Skincare Most Important For British Women, Reveals Survey

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"Women's skincare routines are obviously high priorities as the majority would give up sex before their moisturiser," read the result of a survey conducted by Sanctuary Spa, reports Also, women claimed they would choose their beauty products over catching up on the latest episode of hit TV show "Downton Abbey". The average British women are spending 162 pounds a year on skincare products alone, with almost half of ladies admit to lying to their partner about money spent on beauty products. "It's fantastic to see that British women are placing such importance on their skincare regime," said Sanctuary Spa skincare Expert, Nichola Joss. The study also found that over half of women respondents would prefer to look younger than slimmer. As far as their appearance is concerned and what they would most like to change, a quarter of women surveyed admitted to longing for more youthful looking skin, followed by longer legs and fuller, thicker hair. The research revealed that when it comes to first impressions, the first thing women notice about each other is clothing followed by skin and weight. More News on I agree to the terms and conditions Your comments are automatically posted once they are submitted. All comments are however constantly reviewed for spam and irrelevant material (such as product or personal advertisements, email addresses, telephone numbers and website address). Such insertions do not conform to our policy and 'Terms of Use' and are either deleted or edited and republished. For more, check the original version at

Edible Skin Care? Introducing 'Sexy Pop'

It is thought to be the food of the rich and famous. Simply put, Caviar or fish eggs is often served to impress one's company and treat them to a delicacy of taste and sophistication. In recent years caviar has also become a popular ingredient in skin care creams and spa treatments. Caviar skin care products and spa treatments of the stars Being that caviar has been known as an expensive food, often enjoyed by the rich and famous, it is perhaps not surprising that caviar spa treatments, creams and lotions first became popularized by some of Hollywood's elite. Angelina Jolie is one star that openly proclaimed her fondness for the caviar spa treatments and the benefits of the caviar products and treatments. The famous star, mother and partner of Brad Pitt began using the caviar creams after a noticeable weight loss that left her feeling that the veins in her hands, forehead and face were bulging and more noticeable. The three hour spa body treatment that she underwent included a detoxifying body wrap followed by an application of the caviar creams over her entire body. The whole treatment lasted roughly three hours, and was said to cost roughly $400. Needless to say, Angelina claimed to be thrilled with the results, and also began using a caviar laced cream from La Prairie on her skin in between treatments. For more, check the original version at

Skin Care Regimens By Skin Type

Created byRobert Ehrlich, the man behind Pirate's Booty and Veggie Booty, the new finger food is available online now. SexyPop comes insix unique flavors: Seaweed (praised for promoting healthy skin), Avocado, Bangin' Cheddar, Black Pepper, Brazilian Coconut, and more commonbutter and salted options. Robert wants his snack to be a part of beauty lovers' skin care routines."There was a huge interest in England and France for edible cosmetics," said Robert to Fashionista .I've been working on this for a while. Popcorn is a natural antioxidant. It actually has more antioxidants than broccoli!" SexyPop is flavored with Japanese seasonings, which gives it a more melt-in-your-mouth texture. Consumers can treat themselves to what Robert promises to be a delicious, vitamin-rich snack, carrying several benefits. As Robert explained, "The coconut has electrolytes in there and other antioxidants. I think it's a natural for popcorn, but no one's ever done that...It's good for your intestines because the fiber content is fantastic." Another added advantage? The cholesterol-free treat is also low-fat, with each bag containing only 75 calories. Products, such as Vitamin or Smart Water, that promise to be healthy have been criticized for making false claims over the years. But Robert isn't scared."Success always breeds criticism," said Robert. Shoppers can buy 12 large bags for $43.08 or 24 small bags for $41.99 at . Have you tried SexyPop? For more, check the original version at

No easy money in skincare market for fashion brands

While its really too soon to tell if the hot, new anti-aging skincare line really reverses the hands of time, I can report that theres been a definite difference in my complexion. My skin glows and feels so soft and youthful. In a press release, that accompanied my samples, the company states, Resvology has cracked the code on how to interrupt the signs of aging, offering the only skincare line formulated with the multi-patented, proprietary 4-AR Molecule -- the first ever stabilized form of the youth molecule resveratrol. Resvology with 4-AR Molecule offers youth activating skincare for super-charged radiance, as well as consistent, clinically tested and clinically proven, anti-aging benefits with each application. The company says it all started ten years ago with National Institutes of Health-funded research grant on how to stabilize naturally occurring molecules for use in cancer treatment. Inspired by the resulting novel technology, our ever-curious researchers applied it to resveratrol and the uniquely stable 4-AR Molecule was born. Gene studies confirmed their suspicions 4-AR Molecule offers superior bioavailability, and is capable of activating 85 key skin genes vital for healthy, youthful-looking skin. For women with mature skin, this just could amount to your fountain of youth, heres the products, all available on : Resvology with 4-AR Molecule Age Corrective Wrinkle Treatmentcosts $129 and provides a multitasking formula with an antioxidant serum, powerful anti-aging treatment and hydrating moisturizer in one. Ingredients include Vitamins A, C & E that help promote g a smooth radiant complexion, while reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Resvology with 4-AR Molecule Age Corrective Eye Creamcosts $89 and is intended to hydrate and rejuvenate that pesky area around the eyes to minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and crows feet. Ingredients include barley, sandalwood & olive extracts, as well as replenishing hydrators to help combat dark circles and puffiness, this decadent cream lifts, firms, and tightens, while adding crucial moisture to the delicate skin around eyes. For more, check the original version at

Resvology rocks the beauty world with 4-AR Molecule anti-aging skincare

(Logo: ) This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Probiotics in US$ Million. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Latin America. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2010 through 2018. Also, a six-year historic analysis is provided for these markets. The report profiles 105 companies including many key and niche players such as BioGaia AB, Chr. Hansen A/S, Danisco A/S, Groupe Danone, Lallemand-Institut Rosell, Lifeway Foods, Inc., Natren, Inc., Nestle Nutrition, Probi AB, Seven Seas Ireland Ltd., Stonyfield Farm, Valio Ltd., and Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based upon search engine sources in the public domain. Key Topics Covered: I. For more, check the original version at

Do not rub too late or else it will burn all the more intensely. Immediately go to bed and turn off the light. Oily Skin: Write the word "water" on a piece of paper and run that about the face lightly. Apply Oily Skin skin cream sparingly and then Oily Skin oil liberally. Use short, firm strokes to apply skin care products (it is best to use the middle finger. If your own middle finger is unavailable, ask a friend.) Do not stretch the skin, despite the understandable temptation to stretch the skin. After applying, gently tap the area with your or someone else's fingers for half a minute. Rinse (using piece of paper) and repeat. Pale Skin: Wash all the dirt off your dirty face. Apply patented Pale Skin treatment and refrain from going out of doors. For more, check the original version at

Caviar the secret skin care ingredient of the rich and famous.

However, not all fashion brands can go into skincare. Burberry chief executive Angela Ahrendts said that, unlike Dior and Chanel, the brand would not create its own research lab but instead work with existing supply chain pros. Burberry would take time to develop its skincare line and any launch would not be for at least the next 12 months. Burberry, which brought its perfume business in-house six months ago, has acknowledged operating profit from the beauty unit this year would be 10 million, below an earlier 25 million forecast on 140 million of sales, partly down to higher-than-expected investments. It has a long way to go to compete with Dior, which started selling perfume in 1947 with Miss Dior and skincare 40 years ago with Hydra Dior. Dior now makes an estimated 1.8 billion annual sales from beauty products more than the 1.3 billion it makes from clothing and accessories. For fashion houses, getting into skincare is more challenging than launching fragrances and make-up. Its one thing for a brand like Burberry, originally known for its expensive raincoats, to entice customers with a stylish scent. Its another thing to persuade them that it understands the science of skin. Fragrance is about getting access to the world of the designer I may not be able to afford his dresses but I can afford his perfume, said Veronique Gabai-Pinsky, head of designer fragrance at The Estee Lauder Companies. It has an emotional appeal, while skincare is about performance and results. Successful skincare products usually require major investment in research, as opposed to perfume and make-up where the bulk of investment is centred on marketing. The skincare market is already crowded. For more, check the original version at

Skincare routines gone wrong: The skincare mistakes you're making