Skateboard Lessons and Guide for Beginners

The following are guides that you will learn when you join skateboard lessons and they will make you a better skateboarder.

The first thing you want to do is for you to pick a skateboard set up that works for you. How do you do this? Just walk straight to any local skate shop around your area and talk to them. They are professionals and will know what best suits your level. They will know what skateboard will be good for a beginner like you should know that different people have different opinions about what will suit a skateboarder so always remember that the decision the shop owner or adviser takes is also good for you. Make sure you have a set amount of money that you want to spend on your skateboard. For a beginner like you who is planning on taking skateboard lessons should go for blank set ups which will be about 90 bucks but if you have enough savings, you can go for the average pro set which is usually more expensive than normal. If you dont have money to buy a good skateboard, just leave it because buying a cheaper one that is not of quality might not be the best for you.

Another guide that will help you when you start the components of a skateboard. Once you are ready for your first skateboard, you have to know about four things that will help you set up your skateboard. The first component that you should know about is the deck which is the wooden part of the skateboard that you get to stand on. The next component that you need to know is the truck and it is the part that that attaches the deck to the wheels. It is the part of the skateboard that allows you as a skateboarder to turn. As a beginner, you have limited options of wheels because there two that you will basically go for until you have progressed far into your training and they include 52 to 55mm wheels. The last component you should learn about is that there is something called bearing and it shouldnt cost you more than 30 bucks as a beginner. Once you know about all the four components of a skateboard set up, you are free to go get yourself one.

The most important thing that you will probably be looking forward to learning is the tricks involved in skateboarding. You have to understand that before you start thinking of learning the tricks, you have learned the basic trick of pushing your board on your own. The most common trick that every skateboarder would want to learn is how to Ollie. You will learn it after learning to push on you board and also learning to Ollie is usually the basis and starting point of any other major tricks you will learn during your time of learning to skateboard.

The last but not the least thing that you will be learning when you go to skateboard lessons will be the shoes. It is true that you can skate wearing normal sport shoes but it is not advisable especially for someone starting out. It is advisable that as a new skater, that you but flat bottomed shoes. Buying skating shoes should be an investment you should consider going into. Skate shoes have a specific support they give to you once you start skating because it will improve your performance. The shoes should flat bottoms for easy grip on the skateboards.