Singapore Opinion News Site Breakfast Network To Shut Down

I think the G should think a bit harder about imposing regulations on this new environment that is called the Internet. Because some people believe it should remain un-regulated; some think that conceding to one piece of regulation is a slippery slope that will push online views into a shape resembling the mainstream media. And that is not what people who report and write online sign up to be. Some people even wonder if this was a way to crimp the growth of a media outfit that could prove over time too big and too difficult to handle if not regulated at its infancy. The other question we had was: Why now? Why not wait for the review of the Broadcasting Act, when any interested party could have a say in the promised public consultation exercise? Heh, who knows, the revised legislation might actually lead to the removal of the need for registration! That was a joke, by the way. We asked for a months extension of the deadline. MDA gave us a week. It did not think a month was required because the forms are straightforward and it had clarified the issues. you could try here