Simple homemade sugar wax

Do you normally visit a salon to have a wax, to ensure that your skin looks beautiful all the time? Here is an easy homemade wax recipe which just needs three ingredients and simple to made. The process is described below:

1. Get the fixings:

Get any kind of sugar. But powdered sugar cannot be a choice. Then you need 4 tbs of lemon juice. And additionally 4 tablespoons of water. Place the ingredients in a bowl.

2. Get a pot:

Get a big or medium sized pot. This really is that you don't overflow it. This will hold all the fixings in.

3. Pour the mixture in the bowl:

Next you need to pour the mixture in the bowl and make sure the range is on.

4. Stir:

Stir with a wooden or silver spoon. Begin stirring the mixture while it starts to bubble. The spoon will melt down in the mixture.

5. After the frothiness gets the pot off the stove:

The mixture Stir occasionally. The cord would be after 5-8 minutes. Let it cool a little bit down. Let the bubbles go away. Then assess the consistency and the syrup color. The syrup consistency is perfect and when it is perfectly colored you do not need to heat it. But if it is too runny, then get it on the cooker and cook it more.

6. Set in a jar:

Right after you get the mixture from your cooker, it is suggested to put it into a jar. Allow the mixture cool down -10 minutes. There is a chance of burning the skin if the mixture is too hot then. Therefore, let cool down a bit.

7. To get the wax spread it with your fingers and out use a popsicle:

Use a popsicle to bring the wax out of the jar out. Then simply only disperse it. This can help you to disperse it readily.

8. You may also use a paper sheet and get the wax covered on it. It can be used by you as wax paper.

That is a simple homemade DIY wax recipe by which you can wax your skin easily. This will save your time and money both.