I may be done with school...W33t im soo close the only reason why im typing this up is so i can calm down b4 i do my work the rest of the way! i nearly used a large knife two days ago thankfully i didnt sighs im so scared my depression and stress is taking alot out of me but im tryin to just ignore it im getting closer to god a little bit and all that wrighting another story probly wont be done with it anytime soon will have like 9 chapters or so lol im sooo excited wish me luck!!(fyi lonelyness and suicidal ness is gettin bad but im doin my best to ignore it)



i\'d be soooo ecstatic if u were done with school. another graduate able to emerge into the real world and embrace it. =)
i\'m glad u were able to resist that temptation. think of depression and stress as extra obstacles to get pass this phase of ur life and embark on a new nicer phase of ur life.
and i can\'t wait until u have ur story done. I\'ll definitely be patient though. don\'t want to rush u at all.
u\'re filled with such perseverance...don\'t let the loneliness and suicidal thoughts get the better of u cuz just know that u ARE better than it. *hugs* u\'re not alone anyways. many of us are still single waiting to find the right one. same goes for the suicidal thoughts..i don\'t necessarily have them, but i do get one once in awhile when i make serious flaws in decisions.