Sick days

Everyday I do certain things like take a walk and write in my journal. At least I try to write everyday. When I don't get to walk or write, I feel like I didn't eat. Walking is such a relaxing exercise. It lets my mind break free and gives me some time to think and be really focused. I could walk forever. Writing is equally fulfilling. I get to write about anything and everything that is on my mind. It also helps me to feel like I am emptying my mind. For the last three week I have been really sick and haven't been able to do much walking or writing. I went to work everyday and to other appointments, and I even walked a little. But I also felt like I was sleep walking.  Maybe as I recover, I can get back to writing and walking. Right now, my lungs hurt. Other things are still on my mind, but I just need to feel better now. The weather outside here is so beautiful. It is certainly hot, but I don't mind it. I prefer it over the cold icy weather. Have a wonderful Sunday!