Should you eat protein before exercise, or after? | Reuters

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - eating protein right after working out could assist rev up the actual body's muscle-making machinery, throughout both youthful as well as older men alike, a new little research suggests.The study of 48 men - half inside their twenties and another half in their seventies -- found that within both age group groups, consuming any protein drink following exercise resulted in any greater rise in muscle mass protein, in comparison with downing the particular consume after a period associated with time associated with rest.What's more, muscle mass protein elevated in practically the same price in younger and also elderly men, the researchers document inside the American Journal regarding Clinical Nutrition.That indicates that, contrary to a number of researchers' speculation, older age group might not impair the means by which our bodies digests and absorbs protein from food, according towards the researchers, led through Dr. Luc JC van Loon associated with Maastricht College Healthcare center inside the Netherlands.The research features a variety of limitations. Apart from its tiny size, it did not examine actual muscle tissue changes over time -- yet merely short-term changes in participants' muscle-fiber proteins following the protein drink. Therefore it isn't obvious what kinds associated with gains older as well as younger adults may well discover from having their protein post-workout.Still, your findings do suggest that working out before consuming protein may assist the entire body put those vitamins for you to higher muscle-building use, based on van Loon's team.And with regard to older adults, they will write, exercise ought to "clearly" be considered as getting a method to boost muscle-protein buildup in reaction for you to food -- and, through extension, to aid healthy aging.The research included 24 older men with an typical chronilogical grow older of 74 along with 24 young men by having an average ages of 21, none regarding whom often exercised.The researchers randomly assigned the actual men to among 2 groups; throughout one, the actual men rested pertaining to 90 minutes, followed by thirty minutes regarding exercise -- pedaling any stationary bike and performing mild strengthening exercises. Throughout one other group, the men expended these extra thirty minutes relaxing.Afterward, men within each groups downed a new consume containing twenty grams associated with protein, then had their own blood levels regarding numerous amino acids (the foundations of proteins) repeatedly measured. Your researchers also took the little trial of tissue through every man's thigh muscle, correct before the protein drink and also 6 hrs afterward, to measure changes inside the numbers of protein within the muscle.Overall, van Loon and his awesome colleagues found, muscle protein elevated to a higher extent within the exercise group versus your inactive group, and each older as well as younger men confirmed similar benefits.It's well recognized that muscle mass tends to always be able to wane as people age, and a few researchers possess proposed that certain purpose may become in which in older people, the particular body's muscle-protein production responds less effectively in order to protein via food, and to exercise.However, the actual present findings suggest that may not be the actual case."Effective dietary approaches are generally required to prevent and/or attenuate the actual age-related loss involving muscle mass," van Loon and his colleagues write.Based on these findings, they will conclude, it's feasible that getting protein following exercise enables higher use involving food-derived protein pertaining to muscle mass building, throughout both new as well as experienced alike.SOURCE: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, on the internet November 17, 2010.