Should This Tech Giant Really Want To Become The Biggest Stock In The Market?

This Extremely Basic Investing Strategy Is The Best Way To Buy Stocks If You Fear A Market Crash

Yet even though investors would likely applaud the roughly 17% profit they could earn if Google continued growing enough to overtake top-ranked Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL ) , the fact is that reigns atop the S&P throne have historically given way to some dramatic falls. Could Google be next? The long list of has-been big stocks The problem that companies have with getting big is that investors expect them to stay big. But as it turns out, that's surprisingly difficult to do. In the history of the stock market, six companies have managed to hit the half-trillion-dollar mark in market capitalization, with three of them being tech stocks. Even though Apple remains in the top spot, its market cap is well off its highs. In late 2012, the company was worth about $650 billion, but even after an impressive bounce from last year's lows, its market cap is roughly 30% below that level. That might sound like a substantial drop, but it's nothing compared to other past tech high-flyers. In 2000, Intel (NASDAQ: INTC ) briefly topped $500 billion in market cap, as its almost-unchallenged dominance of the PC industry pointed to a rich future.

Analysis: As U.S. stock market zigzags, some investors pounce

The S&P 500 has roared 177% from its March 9, 2009 low of 666 to its January 2014 high of 1,850. Thanks to scary USA Today cover stories and increasing amounts of crash chatter, everyone is worrying that we are at or near a market peak. And this has investors extremely hesitant to buy stocks for fear of a big decline or perhaps a crash. Obsessing over the risk of a crash could lead to analysis paralysis. However, there is a very basic investing strategy that can save investors from losing too much hair as they make the decision to buy stocks.

He's been using the market's declines to add to his position in "disruptive" companies - Google Inc, Facebook Inc, athletic brand Under Armour Inc and luxury retail brand Michael Kors Holdings Ltd - that are taking market share away from competitors. Those companies all get the majority of their revenues in the United States, he said. Michael Kors, for instance, climbed 12.5 percent for the year to date through Wednesday's close - a day after the fashion designer's namesake company reported quarterly company website results that beat analysts' estimates. The company, known for its handbags and accessories, reported that traffic at its stores was up by double-digits, while its sales in Europe increased 144 percent compared with the same quarter last year. "This company has completely taken over the fashion leadership from Coach," said Guinther, who added that he expects it to remain at the front of the fashion cycle for the next three to five years. If the stock market resumes its slide, Guinther said he expects to buy more.