Shopping guide to buy best rings

If your engagement is around the corner, then you need to look at jewellery a bit more carefully. You may already know that there are loads of various styles and types of rings in the market. And you might be having a tough time to find out the best piece that reflects your partner's personality. We have come up with this useful guide to provide you with helpful and clear information regarding engagement components and styles so you better understand what are you seeking before visiting a jewelry store.

Know your options

Besides the colored gemstone or diamond, a ring is distinguished by its style, setting, and shape. Here are some important points that you need to remember for making sure that you have gathered the right information for finding a perfect ring.


Things to know about setting

The setting usually possesses the center diamond of the ring and provides the ring its exceptional design. If the precious metal is more durable, your investment will surely be better secured. There are 4 basic styles of the center diamond’s settings.

  1. Tension: in this style, the gem seems to linger, held in place by loads of pressure.

  2. Bezel: in this style, you will find a frame of prized metal nearby the diamond which keeps it safe.

  3. Cathedral: there are rising slopes in this setting that secure the diamond on both sides.

  4. Prong: there are small wires to dangle the diamond which can be seen from all the sides.

Things to know about diamond shapes

Basically, the worth of a diamond is determined by 4 C’s but you can choose your center diamond jewellery ring from the accessible 9 basic shapes and they are given below -

  • Heart

  • Pear

  • Oval

  • Marquise

  • Emerald

  • Princess

  • Round

Things to know about Styles

You can easily make the design of your ring a personal formation of your own which is in the setting’s details.

When it comes to solitaire setting, it contains a single diamond. This either contains a strong band without extra gem or diamonds or the band is fixed with pave diamonds.

A conventional 3-stone setting contains a center diamond along with 2 smaller side stones. Options to this convention would be to make use of 2 equally shaped and sized diamonds on any side of the center, make use of colorful gemstones instead of diamonds or differ from the center diamond.

A center stone with side or accent stone setting flaunts a center diamond with some side stones. Normally they are of a dissimilar shape plus smaller in carat from the center.