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"\"\\\"\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\nAs the years go by, the demand of higher education increases. Will a high school diploma get you a high paying job, no. The price of higher education is still expensive, but there's one place where you can a practical diploma course online for just $40, if you play your cards right. This a review of the online higher education institute, the Shaw Academy.\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\nCredit: By Charlie Foster\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\tIntro\\\\\\\\nThe Shaw Academy is an education institute based in the US. The courses they have however are accredited in the UK. Based in the US, accredited in the UK, it sounded like scam to me at first. If you think it might be a scam, don't worry it isn't. I've already graduated and received my diploma. If you're still afraidhcall them directly or check their Facebook page, Many people have discussions on the Shaw Academy's page. This will help give you confidence that they are not a scam.\\\\\\\\nLectures\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\nh hThe lectures were taught using a web conferencing program. The program allow both the lecture and student to view each other's desktop. This me the lecturer will be watching. The course covered the key topics of online marketing. My lecturer, Matthew Wall has 8 years of experience in Digital Marketing. He was also talented in teaching. With out his help, I would have not passed the final exam. There were a total of - - 10 lectures. There were 2 to 3 lessons per week. The whole course lasted only a month.\\\\\\\\nFinal Exam & Fees\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\nh hYou'll have a month to complete the final exam. You only get one chance. The exam will also be proctored, so no cheating. To pass, you'll need to score at least 50 %. After finishing the final exam, you'll need to pay a printing fee of $22 via paypal. In the beganing, I mentioned that the price of the course was $40. That's partially true. The real price of the course is actually $1096. That actually a more expensive than other online courses. There is trick to majorly reduce the course's price. From time to time,hGrouponhoffers the course at the price of $18. Check at Groupon first to see whether they still have the offer. If not, wait. Eventually, they place the offer again.\\\\\\\\nConclusion\\\\\\\\nIn the end, I highly recommend doing a course at the Shaw Academy if you purchasing the course through Groupon. For the original price, you could rather do a course at Stonebridge associated collage. The have a more wide arrange of courses and most of them are priced at $300. Stonebridge is also more recognized than the Shaw Academy. Stonebridge also gives you the option to study via mail.\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\\n href='http:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/www.infobarrel.com\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/The_Shaw_Academy_Review' - http:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/www.infobarrel.com\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/The_Shaw_Academy_Review<\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/a>\\\\\\\"\\\"\" - -