Shaggy Shack Pet Resort & Spa: Dog Daycare and Training

Adopting or buying a dog and bringing it to your house is definitely a moment of joy and happiness. But now, it’s time that your responsibility becomes double. You have to look after the kids and now the dog as well, and let’s not forget that you have a professional life as well. So what do you think, how well will you be able to manage everything on your own? Of course, you can’t leave a new dog home alone when there is no one in the house to look after them. Don’t worry; you can reach out for help at Shaggy Shack Pet Resort & Spa and inquire about their Tacoma dog grooming, boarding, and training. It is a registered and licensed dog center that looks after your dogs’ health and wellness when you are not available to look after them. The Shaggy Shack Pet Resort & Spa has a 20-yard play area having fencing which offers enough room and space for your pets to have a great time playing at the center.

Shaggy Shack Pet Resort & Spa offers dog training Tacoma services in which your pet will be given dog food, time to socialize with other pets, have grooming sessions by trained professionals having great experience in handling pets and who consider your pets as their own and take care of them like a baby. The center is open 6 days a week, so even if you are at work or are going out for a vacation and need someone responsible to take care of your beloved pets, you can drop them at Shaggy Shack Pet Resort & Spa and let the staff and specialists do their job.

If you want to train your dog from the beginning, you can leave them for dog training Puyallup session at Shaggy Shack Pet Resort & Spa. There they will be taught to obey the order from the masters. At the end of the training, you can see such great results in your dogs that you will be quite impressed with your choice. In summers they host different activities in which you can send your pets so that they can compete and learn new things. So, don’t worry about your furry friends anymore and send them to Shaggy Shack Pet Resort & Spa so that you can work stress-free.

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