Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Saluted When He Arrived Back In The Us - Abc News

Disalvo and Poppen also said they did not notice any problem with Bergdahl's use of English, although early reports said he had spoken it so little over the last five years that he found it difficult. The officers said they were pleased with physical condition, but so far his diet has been kept "bland" and that peanut butter has been one of Bergdahl's favorite foods. The team could not say how long Bergdahl will remain at Brooke because reintegration is driven at the pace of the returnee. The three-stage reintegration process being used for Bergdahl was developed from the experience gleaned from the returns of POWs from the Vietnam War. Bergdahls first step in reintegration was in Afghanistan when he was recovered from captivity, he entered the second decompression phase in Germany. That phase lets returnees get the sense of predictability and control they lacked during their captivity. Poppen said The goal is to provide him the chance to make those decisions and gain control. He is driving the process at this point in time. And that includes whether Bergdahl wants to communicate with his family. A family reunion is part of the third phase of reintegration known as home base. It includes continued medical and mental care and final debriefings.