Sex Advice - Lighting Options for the Proud and the Shy Alike

A guy with a healthy penis usually likes to show it off to those with whom he ends up in bed. However, many partners can be decidedly shy about engaging in bedroom activities with harsh lighting. Sex in the dark not only deprives a man of his chance to exhibit his penis for praise, it also keeps him from gazing delightedly upon the delectable flesh of his partner. All the expert penis care in the world won’t get a penis the praise it deserves if the member is hidden in the shadows, and a man’s imaginative guesses about the mounds and valleys of his sexual comrade receive no visual confirmation. Perhaps the best sex advice in this situation is to learn about different lighting options.
Clearly, the wishes of a partner who is simply too shy to expose his or her body to the harsh glare of incandescent lights should be respected. But it’s worth exploring how that same partner might react to more flattering lighting situations. With that in mind, the following are a number of lighting tricks to consider.
- Candles provide both illumination and romance. Many women enjoy engaging in sex by candlelight. The gentle, flickering light of a candle casts a warm glow that accentuates the sensuality already thick in the air. As an added bonus, scented candles can amp up the eroticism, making a hot time even more intense. A word of caution: Keep the candles securely mounted and far enough away from the bed so that vigorous and acrobatic positioning doesn’t knock them over.
- One can’t go wrong with firelight. Candlelight is sexy; engaging in sex in the heat and light of a roaring fire takes sensuality to a new extreme. While the ideal setting is a snowy Swiss chalet in the depths of a mountain forest, any fireplace adds an extra kick of excitement to an encounter. Many men also find that firelight, with its scampering shadows playing across a body, makes a lovely partner downright luscious.
- Red is a mood in itself. There’s a reason that brothels are associated with red lights: They add a kinky mood to a situation. Not every woman is comfortable with red light bulbs, but those who are comfortable often find them to heighten their lustiness and sense of adventure.
- Floor-level beats overhead. Overhead lighting is often not the most flattering. Taking the lamp off the nightstand and setting it on the floor can create a much more flattering play of light and shadow that emphasizes the curves and crevices of a woman in a particularly engaging manner.
- Consider kitsch - carefully. The more adventurous man can try some wild lighting as long as he doesn’t mind running the risk of crossing over from sexy to kitschy. With some partners, a strobe light brings out the beast; with others, it merely makes them nauseous. Similarly, access to a disco ball can give a room the feeling of enjoyable sleaze - or make it seem as if it’s stuck in 1977. Consider how the partner is going to react before trying these options.
- Switch to daylight. No one says sex has to be a nighttime activity. Rolling around in the bed in the middle of the day provides a welcome change of pace for those couples used to exploring their bodies primarily in the dark of the night.
As stated earlier, many a man with a healthy penis is anxious to show it off; but for a penis in poor health, even the most expert lighting won’t help make a good impression. Regular use of a top-drawer penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is therefore a great idea. Men should take the time to find a cream that includes alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant that fights the premature aging of penile cells and helps a man’s member avoid that unattractive wrinkled look. It’s also advisable to get a cream that contains vitamin C, which is a significant aid in collagen production and penis tissue firmness.