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Auto training mechanical service schools with Automotive Service TrainingEmployee Virtual Training center 24/7Now you can get Jeff Cowan as part of your store twenty-four hours every day, a week week, training your employees to be the very best they can be!Connect on Linked-In Found at any computer twenty-four hours each day, every week per week, PRO TALK VT provides innovative making use of consistently updated content that is based on true to life situations. It features a current testing tool and an accountability system that enables you to see who is training, who's learning, and who truly understands and can execute what's taught.PRO TALK VT has the capability of identifying what each employee's strongest and weakest points are. You possibly can compare employee to employee, store to store, district to district, and area to area at your company.automotive training service 1 (800) 248-2931ONSITE TRAININGPRO TALK's Onsite, side-by-side in store training coaches the complete service staff each step you take, critiquing, role-playing, and also working directly in the dealership's clients, providing specific live examples showing how to add successful techniques. It is all totally done in a hands-on environment, addressing all skill levels. PRO TALK trainers teach dealership service department staff ways to become professional sales people, and supply managers with tools crucial to trace and encourage upward growth in not just numbers but of their employees personal professional development as well. That is produced by creating a sales culture throughout the entire entire Service Department.more