Series 3 Testing Tips to Help You Ace the Test

The Series 3 Exam intimidates a lot of people, more so than just about any other professional exam. Part of this is because about half of it is regulations, which are intimidating for most people anyway, but a big portion of it is due to the fact it is so important to career growth for most people; very few, if any, people take the exam for fun. If you are worried about taking the exam, here are some general tips that if applied, will help you through.

Use Online Resources

There is a multitude of online testing resources, including past tests, that you can take advantage of and you should do so. Taking a sample test, for example, will help you get into the groove of taking that type of test so when you see the real thing, it will not be so intimidating.

Contextualize Your Learning

Apply the regulations and procedures you study for the exam to real-life examples. If you cannot think of any, ask someone who can. The more real-life examples you can tie into the curriculum, the more the regulation will become real to you. When you are tested on it, answering will be second nature if you can instantly recall an example that illustrates how the procedure works or the regulation is applied.

Standardize Your Series 3 Exam Prep Exercises

Routine is important, even if it is boring. This is why sports players practice the same plays over and over. It is tempting when work and other life demands pull us in a bunch of different directions to study for the Series 3 haphazardly when time allows, but you need to train yourself to study at the same time every day. If you make it a routine, it will become a habit and when that happens, your learning process will become easier.

Get Rest

This is included in every test advice column probably in the history of people giving testing advice, but it is grounded in logic. Your brain functions better when you are rested. When you are tired, your brain is a little slower. If you are exhausted your brain has a hard time keeping up. This is a biological reality, no matter what anyone thinks or says. Get rest, particularly in the two weeks leading up to the test.

Take a Day off Right before the Test

This is counter-intuitive because everyone knows that right before a test you have to exhaust your brain with facts and your body and add some stress to the mix as you study. Seriously, take a break and let your body and mind take a breather right before the test. A rested you will test better and more confidently.

None of this is rocket science or “secret testing advice.” In fact, it is all pretty basic common sense. If you follow it before you take your Series 3 exam, you will give yourself a testing edge.