Septic System Troubleshooting Guide

Inspect and empty your tank regularlyA neglected tank will cause your system to fail, resulting - Septic services - in sewage backup and posing a serious risk to your family's health.Experts recommend pumping a septic tank every one to two years.Keep Chemicals out of Your - Septic Zone - SystemHarsh chemicals and antibacterial agents kill the bacteria your system depends on.Keep these chemicals out of your toilets and house drains:Drain cleanerpaint and paint thinnerchemical cleanerschlorine of ANY kindantibacterial soft-soapsBe aware of limiting kitchen wasteGrease and fat from food hinder the septic process by coating drain pipes, interfering with bacterial breakdown in the tank and clogging the loose-fill material in the drain field.Food desposers overload your system with solid food particles, sometimes doubling the rate of sludge accumilation in the tank.Throw - Septic Zone - cooking grease and food scraps in the garbage or compost heap.Limit water flowExcess water speeds up the flow through the septic system. The natural bacteria can't do their job, allowing too many solids to pass into the drain field.Route roof drains outside of the house drain system.Don't drain a swimming pool or hot tub into the house drain.Repair leaky plumbing fixtures as soon as possible. Refrain from using any additivesBiological additives designed to stimulate bacterial growth often harm more than they help. These additives agitate the anaerobic bacteria in the tank, and the increased activity forces undissolved solids into the drain field. href='' - -