SecondLife addiction

Yes, its true, It took over my life. SECOND LIFE was basically my first life. I basically couldn't turn the game off. Virtual shopping seemed to curb my taste for my real life shopping addiction. If you don't play many games, none of this will make sense to you. But, I am sure some of you are sitting there nodding your head! I stopped answering my phone, which, it doesn't ring anymore. I rarely answered my text messages. I - BDSM Prison - have friends ive not seen in i don't know how long. My best friend would complain to me non stop about me living in my virtual world and I thought she didn't know what she was talking about. She barely speaks to me now. I had landed myself in trouble in my real life and it was a nice escape into a world where no one knew my real life issues. I threw myself into the game.. obsessed with making lindens, having a sexy avatar, dating the sexiest male avatar, which turned out was a girl! I have beautiful homes in my inventory, I have animals in my inventory, you name it, Secondlife has it. Yes, Even SEX. But we wont go into that. As its only a small part. I spent many many hours in the game... I didn't want to leave my house. Second life, became my FIRST life. People log in annd get virtual jobs, and virtual lives, and I am sure I am not the only one who let their first life slide. SO! DONT get so wrapped up in the game.... It has been 3 days since I have logged in, my friends in the game are texting me to make sure I am ok. Perhaps later I will log in for an hour or so.... perhaps not.... dont let this happen to you..... take it from an addict.... it can control and ruin your real life..... SAFE GAMING! Shut it off after a couple hours!