Seattle Falters In 2nd Chance To Win Division

The 108 yards passing was the lowest total of Wilson's career and his 49.6 passer rating was his worst of the season. Third down has popped up as a problem in recent weeks for Seattle's offense. In the past three games, Seattle is 30th in the NFL in third down conversions at 26 percent after being at 40.5 percent through the first 12 games. They failed to convert a third down after the first quarter on Sunday. Seattle's seven three-and-out drives were a season high and three times the Seahawks took possession in Arizona's half of the field and failed to score. Seattle also appeared to give up on the run early. Marshawn Lynch finished with 18 carries for 71 yards, but touched the ball only seven times in the second half. visit

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Several bullets went through the walls of the house and one through the front window, Jamieson said. One of the bullets struck the bridge of the teen's glasses, Jamieson said. She suffered only minor injuries and was treated at a local hospital, he added. "She is very, very fortunate," Jamieson said. Several other people were at the house at the time of the shooting, but no other injuries were reported, Jamieson said. Police believe the house was targeted in what was likely a gang-related shooting, but the girl was not the intended victim. No arrests have been made in the shooting and the police gang unit was investigating, Jamieson said. visit

Seattle girl escapes serious injury when glasses deflect bullet

The artist Faig Ahmed uses his knowledge of ancient carpet-making designs and techniques in decidedly contemporary images such as this. Appearing as though a traditional rug's pigments are melting on the wall, "Oiling" refers to both the artistic flexibility of oil paints as well as the swirling patterns of an oil slick on water." More than that there's the order into chaos as the rigid pattern which turns into a flow of color. 7:45 PM arrival at Pier 69 Seattle via the Victoria Clipper This was taken through a misty window while the ship was still vibrating. For most of the 2 hr 45 min trip all we could see was the moon shining starboard and it was a pretty smooth ride. Most passengers were sleeping. After dinner on our first evening we walked around downtown heading first to Macy's Christmas window. Macy's Christmas window at night. Macy's Christmas Window, daytime A Macy's arrangement Macy's Art Deco Ladies Room Enough about Macy's. We walked through the store without buying anything and when we got to our hotel, my daughter had an email on her phone from Macy's "Thank you for visiting Macy's blah, blah." The store had tracked her iPhone and linked it to a 5 year old unused account to get her email address. visit

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To put it in perspective, Roberts (25 yards) out-gained Fitzgerald (18 yards), and Roberts has been practically invisible all season. Floyd got it done with a highlight-reel catch, but this was still a down day for this unit. Grade: C- Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images Jim Dray, Jake Ballard, Rob Housler The tight ends didnt do much in the passing attack, with 33 combined yards on four catches. Housler had two targets on the day. One hit him in the face mask, and the other deflected off of his hands and right to Seattle safetyKam Chancellor for an interception. visit