Scarlett Johansson on Knowing How to Take Nude Photos and Diagnosing Woody Allen

Scarlett Johansson is on the December issue of Vanity Fair.The things that come out of your mouth, ScarJo.Scarlett Johansson sat down with Vanity Fair to discuss her recent nude photo hacking scandal and her ability to look great naked.I know my best angles, she said. They were sent to my husband, now ex-husband Ryan Reynolds. Theres nothing wrong with that. Its not like I was shooting a porno Although theres nothing wrong with that either.But the really weird thing that the interview unearthed was Johanssons revelation about how she and Woody Allen, who cast her in Match Point, Scoop, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona, became close: hypochondria and a penchant for Purell.He shakes a lot of hands, Johansson said. Ill squirt some [Purell] in my hand and then squirt in his.The only reason why Woody and I are still friends is because Ive diagnosed all kinds of his skin tags, lesions, ailments, she added. Ive prescribed things for Woody that hes then asked - big tits free tranny cams - his doctor to prescribe for him.After years of this, apparently Allens ready for another actress/nurse friend.I have every intention of working with her again, but I just didnt think it was a great idea for either one of us to work together too intensely, picture after picture, he told Vanity Fair. I didnt want her to be burdened by, Oh, shes in all the Woody Allen pictures, its so predictable, and shes my new muse, and all that silliness.Johansson doesnt see what the big deal is.I dont think anythings played out, she said. Im waiting for him to write my Citizen Kane.In the meantime, shes shooting Under the Skin, in which she plays an alien sex predator who harvests human body parts.