Sc2 Zergling Rush Build Order - Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy

hqdefault.jpgThere are three types of bees commonly in a colony. A lot of bees are useful in propagating a lot of species of plants that can be shown helping the farmers to develop the food sources.

Vanilla Sky is about a millionaire living in New York City named David Ames. The opening shot is a bird-eye view of the city. There are several choppy images in succession. David lives a "perfect" life. The movie takes place in the future. He has a beautiful home, always gets the girl he wants, and has plenty of friends. Later in the movie, after an accident, David's face is deformed and he becomes miserable and faa remote pilot certificate alone. Many things go right for him and then they take a major turn for the worst. At the end of the movie, we find out that David is dead and that he has been cryogenically frozen. There are clues throughout the movie to hint at this, which I will discuss later.

Next build an extractor and put 3 faa remote pilot certificate in it right away to start building your Gas supply. When your Spawning Pool is done build a Queen to Spawn Larvae and help defend. Then build an Overlord to keep up unit production.

Next is the Emergency Air Drop. This gives you 4 Care Packages which can really help out a team. It takes 8 kills to get and imagine you got a Harrier, Chopper Gunner, Predator Missile and Pave Low the other team would not stand a chance and the game would shortly be over. At 15 kills you can get an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) which disables Heartbeat Sensors, UAV 's, enemy kill streak rewards and interferes with the enemies vision. This proves to be very beneficial for your team. It last's around a minute or so. So a good kill streak reward for your team would be: UAV, Emergency Air Drop and EMP.

After the initial, intense, and much needed training mode at the beginning of the game... you begin the real battle in Mexico City. You will be thankful for the delay in the games original release when you see how highly detailed and realistic the environment is. Previous editions of the game had very dull and bland environments. Advanced Warfighter is nothing like them. The entire game contains vast and open urban and rural environments that look just like the real city. Everything about the visual effects unmanned aerial systems is impressive.

Ever fired the Barrett? If you missed the target with the first shot you well know it takes a while for the weapon to come back to rest for a second or third shot, right? The kick is as big as the report of the weapon. Fun for a video game, but in terms of getting kills and not suffering them yourself, the Barrett is a great big toy.

For the perks, use Bling, Cold-Blooded and Scrambler. Get these to pro before attempting to achieve a Tactical Nuke. Bling will allow you to use an additional attachment along with the silencer while cold-blooded will keep you hidden from radars and alive. Be warned though, a heart-beat sensor will still pick you up. Scrambler is also there to keep you hidden. It does let others know when you are close to them but it helps to keep your spot secret as you will be doing quite a bit of camping.

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