'Say Yes to The Dress: Bridesmaids' Season 3 RecapBossy Bridesmaids

Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids opened with Nikky at an appointment with bride, Tammy Carter, and had five of her nine bridesmaids with her. She wanted the maids to wear tiffany blue, which caused problems with Shawanda immediately. Then, Tammy said strapless, which set off another reaction from Shawanda.Shawanda shot down every dress and wanted something modest. She said she didn't care what anyone says--even the bride. Nikky decided to ignore Shawanda and helped Tammy choose the right color. She had the maids try on different shades of blue. She selected her favorite, but Shawanda didn't like it.Shawanda stated that she refused to wear strapless because of her modest beliefs, but she also wouldn't agree to the color. Tammy thought it was her just wanting her own way.Nikky pulled dresses of varying necklines to try to find something that Tammy and Shawanda both liked. Tammy picked her favorite, but wanted it strapless. Shawanda absolutely refused to wear it. Wow. That set off a tense discussion.Lori wondered if the issue was truly religious beliefs or a power struggle between them. No kidding.Tammy issued an ultimatum and told her to wear that dress in the party or another dress as a host. Whoa!Shawanda agreed to be a host, which caused shock and horror. The bridesmaids spoke up and told her she was being stubborn because she wanted her own way.Tammy didn't understand why her best friend couldn't wear a dress of her choice for a few hours.Nikky asked what Jesus would do. All of the bridesmaids said he'd wear the dress.Shawanda felt like she was being attacked and Tammy told her it was fine, she could just go take off the dress. Everyone looked stunned--including Shawanda.Tammy broke down into tears and said that she couldn't believe a strapless dress meant more to Shawanda than their friendship. Ouch.Lori said thought this bride just lost her best friend. That's sad.Shawanda came back in her street clothes to a hurt and friend. Friend?Tammy asked her if she thought she would go to hell if she wore a strapless dress. Shawanda said she didn't believe that or say that. Tammy said then it wasn't a conviction, but her wanting what she wanted instead of what the bride wanted.Tammy told her she was going to wear the dress because it wasn't a conviction, but a choice.Shawanda realized that Tammy considered it a betrayal to not wear the dress she wanted for her wedding, and agreed to wear the dress. Everyone flew into her arms.Tammy said yes to the dress. Amen.On the other side of the salon, Brandon had an appointment with bride, Kelsey Tate, who had eight of her nine maids with her. She wanted beachy bridesmaids dresses--something flowy and long in purple or brown. The maid of honor, Kayla, disagreed immediately and thought the colors were too dark, and called them funeral colors. Hmm, wasn't the traditional funeral color supposed to be black?Kayla shot down every dress that anyone picked out and made the environment rather uncomfortable. The bridesmaids all complained about her pushy attitude in private interviews.Like Nikky, Brandon decided to ignore the bossy maid and make it all about the bride. Isn't that how it's supposed to be anyway?Kelsey wanted purple, so Brandon put the maids in short, purple dresses for the first round. There was one that she loved that had a sweetheart neckline with a flower on it that would match her dress very well. Kayla shot it down and said she would feel like a flower girl if she was wearing a dress with a flower. Oh geez. Really? The flower was on the one strap shoulder, not on the waist.Chloe, one of the bridesmaids thought Kayla was being rude to Kelsey.Lori wanted Kayla to treat her mouth like a dress and zip it up. Too funny.Brandon told Kelsey to forget about Kayla's desires and go with what style. She said she preferred something in lace so it would look nice with her dress. Kayla refused to wear a lace curtain in the wedding.Kelsey continued to cave and said she couldn't get a dress if Kayla didn't like it because they were best friends. Best friends treat you like? About your wedding?Lori told Brandon to try on one more round of dresses and if none of them worked, cut the appointment, because they'd never find the right dress with a Debbie Downer who had her panties in a wad.Kelsey loved one of them and thought it was the perfect dress. Debbie, um, Kayla didn't like it at all.Lori said if Kelsey didn't stand up to Kayla, then the appointment was doomed. Kelsey refused to go against Kayla.The appointment was stopped and they left without dresses.Lori advised the bride come back without Kayla.Bride, Claire Kendall came in with mother, sister, and her bridesmaids for their final fitting. She was nervous and hoped the colors matched. She wanted the bridesmaids dresses to be the same color as the gray sash on wedding gown. When the dresses were ordered, they only saw the swatches and not the actual dresses in that color.The dresses looked lavender and didn't match the gray sash. She didn't know what she was going to do given the wedding was less than a month away. She had an awesome attitude and decided to roll with it. She said there were too many other things for them to be concerned with the dresses not perfectly matching the sash on her gown, and was happy they were in dresses. Smart girl.Claire and her bridesmaids looked gorgeous for the wedding.What did you think of the bossy best friends in this episode of Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids?Photo source: TLCFor more on this series, visit SirLinksAlot.