Say goodbye to annoying side effects of smoking

Say goodbye to annoying side effects of smoking
With electronic cigarettes you will be able to say goodbye to annoying side effects of smoking like the dreaded smokers cough. Because there are few irritants inhaled when using e-cigs which simply emit a vapour when inhaled rather than harsh smoke from a regular cigarette you will be able to breathe easier within a short time of switching to getting your nicotine by means of inhaling a vapour.
Your taste buds will also improve once you switch away from regular cigarettes as it's a well-known side effect that when you start smoking your taste sensations diminish. Luckily your taste buds will return to normal when you switch to inhaling the vapours of e-cigarettes. So get ready to enjoy tastier meals.
As added benefit for your friends and family when you make the switch there is no second smoke risk as there is no side stream smoke escaping from an electronic cigarette the same way there is from a regular cigarette and what you exhale from the vapour is only moisture when dealing with an e-cig fruity flavors. No longer do you have to feel guilty for indulging your nicotine habit around your friends and family.
You will also be able to keep more money in your wallet when you compare the cost of smoking electronic cigarettes with the price of buying regular smokes over the counter. Every cartridge you purchase for a cigarette is roughly the equivalent of twenty regular cigarettes that you would buy over the counter at a gas station fruity pebbles vape juice. For every pack of cigarettes you purchase you will be getting five times the amount of nicotine with the same money spent on refill cartridges for your e-cigarette device making it a significant savings in the long run when you switch. An additional benefit is that your insurance premiums will go down as well because you will be able to tell your insurer that you no longer smoke and you will instantly qualify for better health insurance coverage as a result.
There are also numerous aesthetic and cosmetic benefits of making the switch to e-cigarettes such as no longer needing to have dirty ash trays cluttering up your coffee tables. You will no longer have to deal with messy spills from a dumped ash tray as well. Your clothes will smell much better when you're out socialising with your friends. You also won't have the annoying issue of having tiny burn holes in all of your clothing and no longer will you have multiple small scars covering your hands where you have accidently touched the burner of a cigarette to you knuckles.
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