Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez vs. Alfredo Angulo: round-by-round recap

Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez vs. Alfredo Angulo: round-by-round recap - latimes.comWhile the outcome was not throughout doubt, along with Alvarez dominating eight with the nine prior rounds, most attending had been surprised when referee Tony Weeks stopped the fight. Angulo failed to appear being in any short-term danger, although he had been clearly the beaten fighter along with a couple of swollen eyes."The referee stopped the actual fight, certainly not my problem," said Alvarez following your fight.The crowd booed lustily nevertheless take a take a glance at the particular website here this didn't adjust what most likely would are already the ultimate outcome -- the decisive victory for Alvarez.For Alvarez, it took your sting off a definite loss to Floyd Mayweather within his last fight.Here's any round-by-round recap with the bout (scoring will be unofficial):Round 1: Alvarez arrived on the scene punching, throwing combinations with a fire rarely seen this early in a fight. In spite of your activity, Alvarez failed to terrain the punch which do any damage. Angulo, showing he is not merely together for the paycheck, threw the flurry of combinations using 20 just a few seconds left in the round however it wasn't sufficient the actual affect the early tenor in the fight. Alvarez wins the round, 10-9.Round 2: This round will not start using the intensity of the first however it is distinct which Alvarez is within charge. He lands a handful of legal rights in which depart an impression, although they do not really appear to do any kind of long-lasting damage. Alvarez features certainly not been hit using a punch in which seems to have just about any effect. Alvarez wins round, 10-9. Alvarez leads, 20-18.Round 3: Alvarez can be just about connecting with each along with every punch he throws. He is needs to mix in certain left hooks with his strong rights. Angulo rallies along with about 45 just a few seconds left using a excellent body shot however it simply appears to rally Alvarez, whom connects with a straight correct which set up his dominance within the fight. Alvarez wins round, 10-9. Alvarez leads, 30-27.Round 4: Angulo is constantly on the absorb punishing shots, making the actual oddsmakers which established Alvarez a 7-1 favorite as knowing that which in turn was coming. Angulo puts forth a new slight rally using about 30 seconds remaining but it simply seems to irritate Alavrez, whom follows using a difficult mixture that exhibits he could be nonetheless throughout charge. That is Angulo's very best round but still not necessarily enough. Alvarez wins round, 10-9. Alvarez leads, 40-36.Round 5: Angulo's eye is beginning to swell because of the pounding he could be taking coming from Alvarez. The Particular intensity together with which usually Alvarez opened your dream features began to subside however it is zero question whose fight it is often to win. This kind of might be the least lively associated with every 1 associated with the rounds. The idea is also Angulo's greatest round as he absorbs the least punishment. Alvarez wins round 10-9. Alvarez leads, 50-45. Round 6: Alvarez will carry on to dominate with his left hook, as well as the speed involving his punches can be generating the battle really one-sided. Angulo will be throwing punches however none seem to be performing virtually any damage. Still, Angulo includes a late flurry in which might get offered him his simply round with the fight. Angulo wins round, 10-9. Alvarez leads, 59-55.Round 7: Alvarez seems to possess awoken after a somewhat lethargic sixth round using a couple of excellent combinations. Still, the particular guarantee of your knockout from the early rounds seems to have dissipated. Angulo appears for you to still have sufficient power although Alvarez might have lost a couple of of his early fire. But, with out a new doubt, it's only a problem associated with if Angulo could acquire a lot more than any round or perhaps two. Alvarez wins round, 10-9. Alvarez leads, 69-64.Round 8: This particular round generally seems to possess the greatest exchanges in the fight, with Angulo throwing punches which have awoken Alvarez from a workmanlike performance. the 2 stand toe to toe, exchanging punches late within the round nevertheless it will be clear that Alvarez gets the capacity to dominate whatever Angulo sends his way. Alvarez wins round, 10-9. Alvarez leads, 79-73.Round 9: Couple Of expected this fight to end up being able to Click at this website go this long and it can be unclear when it is Alvarez's inability in order to finish an adversary or perhaps Angulo's tough exterior. There's no doubt that Angulo will not possess the stuff to prevent Alvarez. but Alvarez, despite showing superior strength, provides but to end up being able to property a new punch to place Angulo down. Alvarez wins round, 10-9. Alvarez leads, 89-82.Round 10: Alvarez wins simply by technical knockout, throughout somewhat shocking fashion, 47 seconds to the round. He certainly ended up dominating the particular fight. The idea would become a rocking left hand that will caused referee Tony Weeks to avoid your fight. The Particular crowd certainly thought it was prematurily . to prevent and also Angulo do appear capable of continue despite a new couple of swollen eyes. while it's no doubt Alvarez would acquire the battle your stoppage caught most through surprise. Not Really surprisingly, Angulo reacted using much displeasure but the choice had already been made as well as the outcome unlikely to change.