Saturday Night Live: drake

You had the return of Taran Killams Eminem impression, which he doesnt bust out nearly enough and always slays me. Drake as a Lil Wayne Urkel on Family Matters was cute, but Id like to spend some time with Kenans Reginald VelJohnson. Much stronger was Drakes Jay-Z (and Beck Bennetts Mr. Wizard) which I would say outstrips Jay Pharoahs take on the guy. Noel Wells busted out another shaky impression, this time Nancy Grace, although she has a killer catchphrase in What about the view website babies? that pretty much guarantees this one will be back on our screens at some point. May I never have to think about Drake playing Katt Williams again, though. Farrah video At the writers table, he must have just been like, I do a killer Katt Williams! I imagine the writers turning to themselves and wondering which sketch they could crowbar THAT into. The resolution song was good, although the build was all wrongstarting with Killam furiously eating donuts was a mistake, since that was the funniest part of the video. More