Saturday, April 30

Rough Day.  Started out pretty well but went sour in the early afternoon when I had a disagreement with husband.  I take it all as my fault and it really wasn't at all.  My nerves have been really bad all day and have been taking Ativan to try to help but ended up feeling more depressed.  
Monday is a new term at school and I have a mountain of work to do but my mother-in-law is also arriving next Saturday to visit for a week and she's a talker.  I have to clean the house (husband doesn't do that stuff) so have been working all afternoon.  
I wish I could just snap out of these moods but nothing seems to help.  I worked hard outside to try to cope and am now cleaning the inside of the house to try to work it off.  Have a physical problem but can't get in to see my doctor for weeks.
My goal, if anything , is to feel normal for just a while.  I'd like to get up out of this dark place.



Hi Joan I can sure relate to the pattern you described. When things come together in a certain way (arguments, visitors, work/school, chores, etc) I can get overwhelmed quickly. What helps for me sometimes is to try to slow down and not do or worry about everything by breaking things into steps and true priorities while remembering for me the goal is not perfection. Also really important to take time for ourselves in the midst of this kind of dark pattern. Feel free to message me if you want to talk more. Sending you good thoughts and hope that your day gets better.