Satisfy Your Reading Interest With EBooks in The Best Selling Thrillers Genre

According to a survey from the Library Journal conducted two years ago, about 55% of readers prefer to read mystery fiction. The same survey predicts that about 23% of readers like to read thrillers. Moreover, about 13% and 9% prefer romance and other literary forms respectively. The survey demonstrates that thriller eBooks are in 2nd place after the ever-popular mystery genre. Thrillers have always been a great resource of suspense for bibliophiles and have produced classics in all of their subgenres. There are various forms of thrillers that enrapture readers, such as a psychological, crime, mystery, science, erotic, and spy thrillers.
In a thriller, we typically find villain-driven plots where characters load the life of main characters with intricacies and obstacles. As the definition of "Thriller Genre" suggests, the thriller genre is very broad, but the focus of - BestBookMart cheap ebooks - a thriller typically remains on a perfect amalgamation of action, horror, uncertainty, surprise, terror, danger and suspense. When we think of action thrillers, the very first name that catches our mind is Clive Cussler. In the same manner, romance and psychological thrillers can be defined perfectly with "Psycho," by Hitchcock. The story and plot of such bone chilling literature carries many common elements, such as car chases, gun shoot outs, explosions, and mental manipulation of characters by other characters. "The Da Vinci Code," by Dan Brown, "The Bourne Identity,"by Robert Ludlum, "The Andromeda Strain," by Michael Crichton, "Time to kill," by John Grisham, "Cape Fear," by John D. MacDonald, and "Kiss the Girls," by James Patterson are the best selling thrillers in the thriller genre.
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