Sapphire Engagement Rings

Engagement rings to cherish lifelong


Everyone wants to express their desire with the best they can. Why not with a sapphire engagement ring or an astonishing emerald engagement ring. The choice between the two is completely yours, or you may go for both. Sapphires are alluring alternatives in case you are not going for a diamond ring. You can choose any colour that is present in a rainbow. Blues and pinks in all shades. We at Glamira, take care of the perfection of what you are looking. Love knows no boundaries, and it’s beyond the language of religion, caste, rich and poor. Sapphires not being very expensive does not let you feel a pinch low or down. Instead, you can go for a larger sapphire in the same budget. Unlike the 4C’s of diamond, there is no rule while choosing a sapphire engagement rings. People go for rich, deep blue colour for engagement rings.

Glamira presents you a variety of sapphires where each colour is equally appealing and alluring to your eyes. Glamira takes care that there are no imperfections in the ring and the quality and richness of colour remain constant throughout. From Princess Diana to Kate Middleton, sapphires have always remained in the fashion and has reflected the royalty most elegantly.


Moving to emerald engagement rings, we at Glamira especially take care of the quality and deliver you the best. Mineral Beryl is basically what an emerald is, having a green colour with a bluish or yellowish hue. The only thing that makes you take extra care of them is their fragile nature. Glamira takes care that you get the best intensity and darkness when it comes to choosing a colour. The degree of darkness depends on your or your partner’s taste, and you may choose any from a variety of collection present. The cuts and shape of the stone is your choice. Have any random imagination; we’ll not let you down.

Many people do not have clarity on the features of Emerald. Glamira ensures there are no inclusions (internal flaws that occur naturally) in the emerald, with no eye-visible colour zoning, promising you the best out of the rest, and you don’t feel yourself in a compromising position later in life. Emerald follows the rule of 4Cs, but you don’t need to bother when you are at Glamira. We promise you to deliver your emerald engagement ring that captivates you right away in everything from colour to shape.

Make your loved ones feel more special by not only capturing their eyes with these glittering sapphire and emerald engagement rings but also their heart.