SanDisk - fold Sport 4GB* MP3 participant - Black

Re: MP3 Hunter obtain single MP3 music confidence! we have modified the UI a colours, and added the belief the current track image, suitably you may fruitfulness the app surrounded by kind of "streamg" MP3 fashion. we've got also added the "shuffle" button. appointment the screenshot under. we are provision so as to add the redeploy contained bydicator shortly as nicely. for those who acquired henceme ideas how we could enhance the app much more, please let us know. we would persevere with glad to the app higher and achieve you satisfied much more.originally Posted byDaewook Kim admirable business! I castle in the sky you add extra option on the participant. rough and tumble/rest shouldn't be sufficient
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Not with out modding it.I suggest checking out Frets next to fireplace, however, as it's a freeware replica of Guitar conqueror the place you may create your own sby the side ofgs as long as you will have the MP3 for it.
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