Sales Results of NBP

Sold units = 3 in 4 months (savings - $117,525)

Deal 1 – Direct Deal (no brokers) (saved $50,250)
425 East 79th; sold for 837,500 - 25% down co-op w/tough board (board package service provided by NBP)

Deal 2 – w/buy side broker (originally a Corcoran exclusive) (saved $50,625)
45 Park Avenue – sold for 2.025MM; Condo

Deal 3 – w/buy side broker (originally a PDE exclusive) (saved 16,650)
West 75th; co-op 20% down

1 contract signed + 2 more listings are going into contract this week (accepted offers). – allows sellers flexibility to create better deals and also allows to work with direct customers, as well as, using buy side brokers if they so choose. This allows for a more cost effective approach and nets the seller and buyer a better deal. With our exclusive consulting model we are able to help owners get their property sold and save money.