Sales Antidote Kinum Debt Collection

Sales Antidote/Kinum Debt Collections will collects your delinquent accounts and you keep 100% of what we collect!! Kinum the home of Flat Rate collections

SAK specializes in making debt collection simple & cost effect at $15 per case or less and your firm keeps 100% of the money we collect.

A Third Party Collection Agency For Any Industry
We service a wide array of industries, all with one goal in mind: to help the business get the money it is owed and it needs in order to thrive. Regardless of the type of business or organization, you run, or whether your collection accounts are for B2C or B2B, the Kinum accounts receivable collection agency can help you maximize debt recovery.

Collecting debt can be an expensive distraction in a busy healthcare practice. Kinum’s third-party collection services take the pressure off office staff, minimize in-house collection costs, and allow healthcare professionals to focus on what they do best- taking care of their patients.

Our client-sensitive Connect service is the perfect match for educational institutions. By providing friendly and consistent contacts early on in the recovery process, Kinum will collect more of your money, faster.

Banks/Credit Unions
In a competitive financial market, every cent towards the bottom line counts. Our DDA Recovery System helps banks and credit unions maximize their profit by reducing charge-offs while maintaining positive customer relations.

Business to Business

We understand the unique challenge of collecting on business accounts while maintaining positive working relationships. As a commercial debt collection agency, Kinum has a track record of assisting in the B2B market, servicing medical goods and services, transportation, and utilities among others.

Products Carried: SAK offers the following service: Flat Rate Debt Collection Contingency Debt Collection Receivables Management Accounts Receivables Anti Money Laundry Compliance Customer Identification and ID Verification Supports compliance for Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer laws and regulations, the Bank Secrecy Act, US Patriot Act and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. SpearScan Features Designed to meet the unique requirements of online and high-speed transactions, including

Brands Carried: Kinum Debt Collection At eSpear, we are creating compliance solutions from the ground-up using the latest technologies to design specific solutions for e-commerce, cyber-communities and online transactions, including, banking, trading, gaming, and voting. While satisfying the requirements for these markets, eSpear is raising the bar on accuracy, speed, security, and reliability for the traditional compliance markets. Without legacy technologies holding us back, our compliance solution.Read More