Saivana - A Top Garment Manufacturer In India

Saivana is a leading garment manufacturer in India since it established its business in 1994. Saivana Export Private Limited is one of Indias Premium garment manufacturers and exports that provide quality garments to leading brands all over the world. Saivana produces top quality garments of the latest high fashion designs for Women as well as for children. Saivana exports garments to different parts of the world and provide quality garments for leading fashion designers and fashion houses all over the world. This top Indian garment exporter exports high end garments to countries like France, Italy and the United States which are major fashion hubs of the world. Top Indian Garment Exporter
Saivana A Quality Indian Garment Manufacturer
Various different types of garments are by Saivana. These vary in level of difficulty in producing the garments and the complications involved in intricate designs of these high fashion fabrics. This garment manufacturer invests heavily in advanced TQM Total Quality Management so that the garments are all of high quality and free of defects. Saivana has maintained an amazing 99% error free record for production of garments in all the years that it has been producing and manufacturing garments.
The company produces garments of a wide range of fabrics like cotton voiles, cambrics, silk chiffons and georgettes among others. Also latest technology is used in the garment manufacture and embroidery and other add-ons to the fabrics are done using hand work, machines as well as computers. Also garments with block printing and hand painted fabrics are also made by this Indian garment manufacturer. Saivana on research and development in the garment industry and research is done for new fabrics and embroidery techniques that can be used for garments.
Buyers of this Top Indian Garment Manufacturer
Saivana supplies quality garments to leading fashion houses and designers from all over the world. The past and present buyers of Saivana is truly an illustrious list. The buyers of Saivana include Isabel Marant, Bonpoint, Paul & Joe Sister, Didier Parakian, Rutzou, Dries Van Noten, IKKS, Essentiel Antwerp, Antik Batik Paris, IRO, Isabella Forest and Gerard Darel. The list of buyers also include Laurence Dolige Paris, KENZO, ba&sh, Comptoir Des Cotonniers, Ventilo Paris, Beyond Vintage, Anthropologie, Ulla Johnson, Nicholas, Marc Jacobs, Pure DKNY, Guess by Marciano, MaxMara, All Saints, Jaeger, Part Two and Stella Nova. With famous brands like Bonpoint, Anthropologie, DKNY and Marc Jacobss importing garments from Saivana shows that it truly is a leading garment exporter in the world today. Bonpoint
This Bonpoint manufacturer produces a wide range of collections of different types of garments according to the specifications needed by the buyers. Isabel Marant and Bonpoint have been with Saivana now for more than a decade. This is because Saivana provides quality garments to all its buyers. Saivana is an ideal choice for buying high quality and high fashion garments which will be delivered to the buyers in the time frame of delivery of the garments that are required by the buyers. Saivana is a leading name in the worldwide garment and fashion industry.