Safety. Here are the solutions: more cameras, better controls and social anti-mafia

Other electronic eyes in the city and in all municipalities in the metropolitan city of Bari. More services and coordination of law enforcement throughout the hinterland of Bari, especially for Bitonto, with meetings also continued with entrepreneurs. social anti-mafia, and more concentration on the goods confiscated from criminal organizations, on the model reported by Don Luigi Ciotti.Are the solutions given birth yesterday from the top (yet another) on safety held yesterday in the prefecture, and wanted to stem the spate of recent criminal phenomena occurred in Bari area in recent weeks.To meet the prefect Carmela Pagano was also the Bitonto mayor and deputy mayor Michele metropolitan Abbaticchio, who reiterated essentially everything he had written in the letter sent Tuesday.The mayor Bitonto, expressed alarm at the escalation of thefts and robberies in the city (the more amazing the French tourist buses), the perennial war for drug dealing and the problem of gambling, and specifically asked for more controls, and coordinated among the police.What will happen then? On the one hand, municipalities will still equip multiple cameras, especially those who know how to even read the license plates of cars and motorcycles. On the other, greater and better coordination among law enforcement agencies in the area, and that will trigger the tables of consultation with employers and associations involved nell'antimafia.And decided to focus on the assets confiscated from criminal organizations and turn them into work and recovery opportunities for boys mixed up in the underworld.The problem, though, is that these are promises and commitments that they feel and make sure for years, but who regularly are disregarded.
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