Safer Searching For Kids Online

A safetynet for kids online. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. Search engines are the most heavily travelled sites on the Internet. You can find just about anything online. The problem is, sometimes you can get some surprising and unwanted results. That can be especially disturbing when your children are trying to find things online. For instance, using the Excite search tool, if you type in the word toys, the first listings you see are for adult oriented web sites. That's why another of the big search engines, Lycos, is introducing a free service called safetynet. Communications manager Michele Perry...says once they've signed up for the service at, parents can turn the filter on and off with a password.... "This is different from a standard filtering software because unlike other services that offer you - - a subset of what's available on the Internet, Safetynet offers you the ability to search the entire web, or to search the web while filtering out adult content." So you and your children won't get unwanted and inappropriate links when you search for toys, or dolls or the name of just about any movie star. Nothing can be 100 percent foolproof ... "This in not a panacea, but Safetynet is the best software available for filtering out adult content." Many adult sites she says deliberately try to fool search engines to try to increase traffic. Copyright 1998 CBS. All rights reserved.