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For me it is the morality regarding the thing that will was completed through the war.(END VIDEO CLIPS)HANNITY: joining us now is Rudy Bell, history professor in Rutgers. He informed the particular American people that they will keep his or her plan, doctor, that they can assist for you to save $2,500 the year. March 05, 2014Rutgers protests Condoleezza Rice as graduation speakerGuests: Rudolph BellThis can always be a rush transcript coming from "Hannity," March 5, 2014. That's any news break. I'm among the people helping to flow it.HANNITY: As Well As you're upset about the effort, her role in misleading the American people?BELL: I consider we are involved together with a pair of places primarily, the misleading of the American folks about the scenario in Iraq, specifically whether there get been weapons regarding mass destruction. She's a new professor in Standard.HANNITY: Excuse me, but a new prominent role within our country's history, plus a prominent position, anyone could disagree. I'm not ready to make any judgment regarding Obama.HANNITY: You're wimping out.BELL: not with all. did Barack Obama mislead the American individuals when he explained if you much such as your plan you are able to keep the plan?BELL: That Will just isn't why I would pick Obama.HANNITY: I'm asking you does he mislead your American people? In case this is the standard, if this really is everything you say, if which is the standard, does your president mislead the actual American individuals if he explained in the event you much just like your doctor you'll be in a position to maintain your doctor? Similar To the plan, you are in a position to keep the plan?BELL: The Particular reason for inviting Obama would be since regarding his office, the same as Governor Christie. She's totally welcome to come as anything however commencement speaker.HANNITY: you ought to end up being able to be thankful for you to God that an individual simply got a person as qualified as the woman's along with I bet you aren't likely to find qualified folks should you keep acting this way. Copyright 2014 CQ-Roll Call, Inc. good to see you.BELL: OK.Content and Programming Copyright 2014 Fox news Network, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. In the event that Barack Obama were to speak in the commencement, can you assistance him getting there?BELL: He's been invited for 2016. I'm perfectly very happy to let you know that will --HANNITY: you don't believe in academic freedom, freedom of speech.BELL: I entirely have confidence in freedom of speech.HANNITY: Then why have you been wanting to silence someone?BELL: I'm certainly not attempting to silence the girl from all. I would assistance Governor Christie speaking.HANNITY: An effort in order to mislead the particular American people. And I Also consider we're in a position to help make much better options rather compared to to pick Condi Rice.UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Your commencement is a place exactly where students should be happy and also joyful along with proud regarding their own achievements and not end up being distracted by simply political controversy.AINSLEY EARHARDT, FOX NEWS HOST: Thus it is not concerning Republicans and also Democrats?UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Certainly Not in all. That's not the actual issue. I wait around one hundred as well as 220 years to create judgments. That Will is a faculty-governance issue.HANNITY: can I just say that you'll want Obama being your commencement speaker --BELL: I don't want him or or else not want him.HANNITY: Nevertheless you will not protest this way will be my guess since you won't produce an answer. Today Rutgers is actually awarding an honorary physician involving law diploma towards the former secretary regarding state as well as paying the woman's $35,000 to become able to speak.Our personal Ainsley Earhardt visited the actual campus to trace down some regarding the 200 professors that are now protesting, as well as here is why they are saying that they object.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIPS)UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Your Woman played a prominent role in the Bush administration's effort to mislead the American individuals concerning the presence involving weapons involving mass destruction, and she at the minimum condoned the particular Bush administration's policy associated with enhanced interrogation techniques such as waterboarding. Most materials herein tend to be protected by united States copyright law along with may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or even broadcast with out the prior published permission of CQ-Roll Call. As Well As in which can it with regard to me.UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Booking a commencement speaker - sex cams here - will be honoring the particular speaker and throughout addition providing a job model to students. This specific copy may not be in its final form and may always be updated.SEAN HANNITY, HOST: The Actual faculty council in Rutgers University Or College inside New Brunswick, New Jersey, is urging your institution to end up being able to rescind its invitation to Condoleezza Rice to talk only from that year's commencement. Isn't a new higher education campus where we possess the nearly all free speech?BELL: She's absolutely thanks regarding visiting come. a commencement speaker is actually different. An Individual may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other recognize from copies in the content. href='' - - . Yet the purpose is, he misled the particular American people. Along With then her co-involvement throughout enhanced strategies regarding interrogation I think may become the phrase the lady uses.HANNITY: Allow me inquire you this. An Individual signed to this?RUDOLPH BELL, HISTORY PROFESSOR, RUTGERS UNIVERSITY: Yes. We pay usually pay $2,000 at the most.HANNITY: An Individual got the girl cheap, I charge a lot more.BELL: Really?HANNITY: That Will can be correct.BELL: Had Been a person invited Rutgers ever? I don't believe so.HANNITY: No.BELL: Anyway, on academic freedom grounds, I would never protest the girl coming to Rutgers. He signed on to this petition. I don't know whether or even not he said yes or no.HANNITY: Would anyone assistance him?BELL: I feel by then, he's lame duck.HANNITY: Would you support it? Would anyone end up being protesting similar to you're Condi?BELL: I'd must think about that.HANNITY: probably not.BELL: I don't agree together with that. I would don't have any objection in order to inviting --HANNITY: The Particular office.BELL: -- president in the United States.HANNITY: The black secretary of state.BELL: The Lady provides absolutely no office. I think $35,000 could be a little high. Exactly why now don't you use the same regular for you to him.BELL: I'm a new historian. I possess really good Republican buddies and a few of these who're members of the Tea Party