Russian Market Of Sandwich Panels

Original Source: Sandwich Panel MarketBuy Now: Market ResearchThe Russian Market of Sandwich Panels is a new report published by IndexBox that provides market value and its dynamics, production technique and capacity, analysis of manufacturing and consumption. This report also covers analyses of key producers (manufacturing plants) of Sandwich Panels, and their strategies with their market shares and growth opportunities. There is a consumption structure and forecast of Market of Sandwich Panels consumption till 2015.MethodologyExpert survey with top-managers of producers.Analysis of materials, received from market participantsAnalysis of official statistics, export and importsCompanies involved in expert survey areVentallTrimo-VSKStalpanelBelpanelMosstroy-31Metal ProfilArmaxStroypanelPetropanelIzobudTable of Contents1. Product classification2. Value of Sandwich Panels Market3. Impact of Economic Crisis on the Russian Market of Sandwich Panels3.1. Production of Sandwich Panels in January-April 20093.2. Production of Sandwich Panels in 2003-2008. Forecast to 20093.3. Plans of producers for 20094. Market Structure by Russian Regions5. Competitor Analysis of Key Producers5.1. Utilization of Capacity in January-May 20095.2. Current Modernization of Production5.3. Analysis of Production Capacities5.4. Production by Types of Products6. Technique of Production7. Description of Raw Materials Base7.1. Key suppliers of Raw Materials for Manufactories of Sandwich Panels7.2. Market Survey of Insulant8. Cooperation Relations, Vertical Integration9. Distribution9.1. Distribution Structure9.2. Delivery9.3. Distribution Channels10. Price Policy11. Description of Extra Services12. Promotion Policy13. Analysis of the Market by Consumption Sectors13.1. Characteristics of Construction Industry in 1Q200913.2. Description of Current Situation in Construction Industry13.3. Structure of the Market by Consumption Sectors in 2008. Forecast t0 200913.4. Consumption by Industrial Premises13.5. Consumption by Agricultural Facilities13.6. Consumption by Commercial Facilities, Office Buildings and Warehouses13.7. Consumption by Sports and Entertainment Facilities14. Customer Behavior14.1. Factor Influencing Choice of Insulant14.2. Volume of Purchasing by Customers Groups14.3. Factor Influencing Choice of Sandwich Panels14.4. Indications of Quality15. Communications Customer vs. Supplier15.1. Communication with Building Owner15.2. Communication with Projector15.3. Customer preferences15.4. Criteria of Choosing Suppliers15.5. Extra Services of Suppliers15.6. Timing of Orders15.7. Transportation of Orders15.8. Data Sources of Suppliers