RTE 18 286 private schools for the lottery extracted

Jaipur: RTE for free access to private schools under the Education Minister Vasudev Devnani Secretariat on Thursday took the online lottery. Enter through the hierarchy of the lottery was fixed. 18 286 attended private school in the lottery. 34 054 15 768 private schools than in private schools in the state lottery was not involved in any of these schools did not enter. Applied for admission this year because of the new provisions 159 063 applications for admission to the RTE. Of this, 60 per cent belong to SC alone application. Only 5 percent of the general BPL applications were submitted. Education Department Weaker Section category two and a half million dollars this year alone, the income limit for removing the provision general, OBC and SBC are eligible only to BPL. The disadvantaged category SC, ST, disabled, orphans, war widows and children suffering from severe disease were eligible. SC group is the most advantage of the new provisions. Education Minister Prof.. Vasudev Devnani state government under the Right to Education Act that seeks to free seats in private educational institutions benefited actual candidates. The Act was amended in the rules. It did no harm to any class. But were really needy. It benefited them.