Wow you never know what the rollercoaster of LIFe is going to bring you. Is your life looking up or are you getting ready for a fall! Well my first Journal of the year things were looking up and I felt like things were getting better but lately the ride has me going in a down ward spiral (by the way I HATE Rollercoasters) and I dont know how to stop it. I want to change the way I do things. I  have my best intentions but then I get lazy and dont follow through.. Havent drank much water lately (yeah not good) and Ive been on the tredmill twice since January 1st. I cant fit into my regular jeans so have to go to a size bigger. Thats a major bummer. My Rollercoaster isnt just with PKD its just life. I feel like I havent slept in weeks so Im so majorly exhausted, my sister is upset with me and we havent talked really good lately. (She lives 30 minutes from me). I havent seen her kids since September. My nephew is having a Birthday party on Saturday and I wasnt invited but my girls were....I love my job but I cant handle one of the people I work with. There is so much stress there. I have to work but working fulltime wears me out. How do you know whats the right thing to do in life. Seems like life has just overwhelmed me so much Im not even sure what to think.