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For homeowners, rodent infestations can be costly if not contained early. Rodents often nest in various materials such as insulation and chew through drywall or electrical wiring, increasing the potential risk for fires. For businesses, especially in the food service and hospitality sectors, brand reputation can suffer greatly from rodent infestation, leading to business lost as well as the potential for regulatory agencies federal, state or local to impact business continuity. Rodents inside any structure are more than just a nuisance, said Nancy Troyano, PhD and entomologist for Rentokil. Rats and mice are considered a threat to public health because they play a significant role in the transmission of a large number of diseases, either directly through their bites or through contamination of food and water with their feces and urine. It's much easier to prevent an infestation than to get rid of these pests. The following tips are recommended to keep rodent-free during fall and winter: Store garbage in metal or heavy plastic containers with tight lids. Remove weeds and debris near buildings and in yards; don't give rodents a place to hide. Keep areas around bird feeders clean; dont leave pet food bowls out overnight. Seal cracks and crevices on the outside of the home or building using a sealant labelled for exterior use. Keep exterior doors (including garage doors) closed; use weather stripping or door sweeps to prevent rodents from gnawing and entering underneath. Inspect items such as used furniture, machinery and boxes prior to bringing them into a home or garage. Don't provide hiding places for rodents; store materials such as lumber and boxes on a rack with a clean, open area underneath. Get rid of unused materials and clutter. Troyano advises homeowners and businesses to seek out the help of a pest management professional whenever a rodent infestation is suspected. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

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