Robert Shiller most Worried About boom In U.s. Stock Market

Also, because our economy is still weak and vulnerable. He said hes putting money in stocks, but in places he considers still undervalued, such as energy and health sectors. Values are looking toppy are financial and tech sectors and some global stock indices, he said. The world is still very vulnerable to a bubble, he added. Drawing far less attention than Der Spiegel was a second interview this weekend, this time with Barrons that also included Jeffrey Gundlach, CEO of DoubleLine Capital.

Stock Market Today: Cyber Monday's $2.29 Billion Haul

Finally, Sony said this morning that sales of its PlayStation 4 device just passed 2.1 million units after it widened its launch beyond the initial markets of Canada and the U.S. Those two markets alone booked 1 million device sales quickly after launch . Sony isn't expected to make much profit from the new consoles, but that's not true for game publishers. As Wal-Mart did earlier this week, Sony highlighted Activision Blizzard's (NASDAQ: ATVI ) Call of Duty: Ghosts title as one of the blockbuster games that players are snapping up with their new consoles, which suggests that Activision's key franchise is holding up well in the console transition .