Rm&psi Announces Dates For 2010 National Risk Management Seminar

PSI 2013 scheme to encourage Industrial Development Vikas Jain

The conference will take place April 26-27, 2010 at the Hotel 1000 in Seattle. This year's focus, "The Human Aspects of Health Care: Tools for Moving into the Future," will help providers address the "human factors" that occur in a health care environment, including information and strategies to: Implement a culture of patient-centered quality and safety Manage the human issues related to electronic medical records Identify and address "burnout" in health care providers Foster a positive work environment Employ practical leadership principles for an emerging era in health care that demands value and excellence "The Risk Management and Patient Safety Institute is excited to offer another national seminar that addresses the topics most relevant to today's health care providers and risk managers," said Karol Wareck-Russ, group vice president of the RM&PSI. "Over the years, we've started implementing new, more effective processes and procedures, but the human aspect remains the ultimate variable. We hope to address the topics that help our providers better manage the human condition and improve how people interact within the systems we've put in place." The deadline for the fall conference registration is March 17, 2010, with an early registration discount before Feb. 26, 2010. Additional conference and registration information can be obtained by visiting the institute's Web site, www.rmpsi.com..

PSI Seminars Las Vegas Holds Event to Inspire Lives in August

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Government has announced various type of scheme from time to time. Basis of any industrial policy is to attract investors in backward areas of state to encourage development in such areas. PSI 2013 is best scheme announced by government for MSME sector. Even non-viable scheme can also find exit way under this scheme. Chartered Accountants are the true guide to the Industrial Houses seeking benefit of the scheme, he further said. He appreciated the role of Chartered Accountants in creating awareness amongst common public regarding various such schemes of the government. These types of program also will grow the knowledge of CAs with government policies and help them to cater to the need of the investors, he further added. He also extended all support to the CAs from District Industries Centre. Shri Vikas Jain, Jt.